Parisian Chaise


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The Parisian Chaise is a classic styled one arm chaise. Built with a loose seat cushion and hand tufted in back. It is available in either right or left arm facing.

Chaise Longue is French for long chair. The chaise lounge is an upholstered sofa in the shape of a chair that is long enough to support the legs. It is thought that the first blend of a chair and daybed originated in Egypt. Ancient Greek art depicts gods and goddesses lounging in this type of chair. The Romans also used a chaise or daybed for reclining in the daytime and to sleep on at night. The Romans did not practice upholstery, so the couches were made comfortable with pillows, loose covers and animal skins. For the Victorians, the chaise lounge was thought of as being particularly dear to expecting wives. 

The modern chaise lounge was first popularized during the 16th Century in France.  The French furniture craftsmen built these for the rich to rest without the need to retire to the bedroom. During the Rococo period the chaise lounge became the symbol of social status and only the most rare and expensive materials were used in their construction. Today, the chaise lounge is seen as a luxury item for our homes. They are often used to complement a home’s decor such as living or reading rooms, or as a stylish chair for bedroom seating.

The Parisian Chaise is a beautiful depiction of the history of the long chair.


Overall: 34 inches wide, 66 inches deep, 37.5 inches high.