Who We Are & Why That's Important

High End quality furniture is a way of life in North Carolina. For many decades North Carolina was known as the furniture capital of the world. The majority of the world's best quality furniture was hand built in the foothills of North Carolina and then it was shown and sold to the world in High Point, North Carolina. Some things have changed. In an attempt to help profit margins most of the big manufacturers have moved their production to China. As you can imagine this has hurt the quality of most all furniture sold today. We like to refer to these new furniture offerings as disposable furniture. There have been a few smaller companies that have dug there feet in and kept the hand built tradition of quality lifetime furntiure alive here in North Carolina. We entered the furniture business in 1993 with numerous retail stores and upholstery manufacturing shops. We have rode the wave that the furniture world has experienced in the past 30 years. We are proud to say that today we focus our attention on quality hand built upholstery. We build our frames in Hickory, North Carolina from hardwoods. If the frame allows, we 8 way hand tie our spring system for a comfort and durability that doesn't exist in any other options. Our upholsterers are some of the ancestors of the old foothills hands on furniture builders. Yes, it used to be a pride passed down skill that a few still possess. We offer something rare in the furniture business today. We offer a lifetime warranty on our frames and springs. That's right, if you ever have a problem with our frame or springs breaking or malfunctioning, just contact us and no questions asked we will fix any issue you have. At Cowbridge Furniture, we have pride in our products as well as our customer service and we hope it shows. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist you in your lifetime furniture. Please peruse our website with confidence in your future decisions.

"Shop for your sofa while sipping a pint at your favorite brewery"

The convenience factor is important today. The days of driving from one furniture retailer to another to compare products is over. Carrying a notepad with measurements and leather or fabric swatches around is over. Sit in your favorite coffee shop or at home in your pj's if you like. Click, view, email on options if you wish and then click to buy. That's it, simple. The one thing that has slowed this venture is the fear of not receiving the quality that you expect. Rest assured, we have that part covered at Cowbridge Furniture, that's what we do.

A Few Simple Rules Of Thumb

There are a lot of amazing products offered on our Cowbridge Furniture website. You have the simple convenience of putting a product as shown  in your shopping cart and checking out. You will receive a confirmation email from us at Cowbridge and we will start a dialogue in reference to expected completion date and delivery options, etc. You also have the option to custom build your dream piece through us. A simple thing to remember is that if the piece of furniture has a wood exposed element to it such as a wood arm or maybe wood carving or trim then we import most of those frames from Spain or Italy. We can offer any finish options to the wood however the frames must stay the dimensions of the imported frame. If the piece is fully upholstered with no exposed wood, we can virtually build anything that you can draw. Seriously, sketch a drawing with dimensions or send us a picture with dimensions of a sofa that you found. We'll build it.

Chairs and Ottomans

“White glove delivery service”

Our white glove delivery service ensures that you don’t have to worry about assembling that King-sized sleigh bed you just bought, and helps to make the setup process a breeze. (Bonus: you don’t have to guilt your friends into helping you unload that new sofa.) There’s a better way to buy furniture. Let us show you how.