Monarch Sofa


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The Monarch Sofa is a glamorous sofa that is built along the Knole Style.

The original Knole sofa is thought to have been made around 1640. Regarded as the distant ancestor to the modern sofa, the Knole had a more regal purpose: as a double throne chair in which a king and queen could sit beside each other, perhaps while entertaining important guests.

The Knole sofa was a revolutionary design piece, completely different to traditional benches and couches of the time. The history of this sofa is full of elaborate stories. Some explained that the unique design was a way to accommodate women’s fashions of the time. The high enclosed sides being adjustable was convenient. The sofa sides could be dropped to accept the size of a woman’s dress. The big hoop dresses could fit without interfering. With one side dropped for comfort, the other side could remain up for the sake of discretion. The Knole sofa traditionally features adjustable side arms which are looped to the sofa back with decorative ties. This Monarch Sofa’s arms are not adjustable.

This iconic sofa has a wonderful and rich history. Being over three hundred years old, the original sofa remains at Knole House and has been used by Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville West. The style of the Knole sofa has become statement pieces through the years and is a beautiful connection between vintage history and the modern artistic design world.

The Monarch sofa comes standard with 2-26 x 29 pillows, 1-14 x 30 pillow, 2-22 inch pillows and 2 bolster pillows. Measures 104 inches wide, 40,5 inches deep and 43 inches high. Seat is 23 inches and 22 inches deep.