Dunhill Loveseat


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The Dunhill Loveseat is hand built in Hickory, North Carolina using a hardwood frame and upholstered in Premium Leather from Italy.

This leather is the original Brompton leather finished with wax and oils. This supple leather improves over time, developing a rich natural vintage appearance. This rare leather is premium with only 5% of the world’s hides are used for this leather.

We offer over 1000 different leathers to choose from for the Dunhill Loveseat as well as all of our furniture.

These aniline dyed leathers are perfect for tufted leather furniture. The pulling of the leather during the tufting process allows the oils to re position giving the leather and the chair a unique look. Aniline leathers are for those that appreciate the natural beauty of leather. They are died all the way through, no top dying. Characteristics will include seeing natural beauty markings to include insect bites, stretch marks etc.

We spring up this loveseat the old fashioned way. We do a traditional Hand Knotted Eight-Way Hand-Tied construction – the ultimate in durability and comfort. Each coil spring is tied off to each other and the frame 8 different times. They can move independently in any direction. Superior to Sinuous Springs Systems and machine made “Flexolator”™ suspensions and Webbing. Don’t be misled by those that tell you sinuous spring and Flexolators™ springs are as good as eight-way hand tied systems.

Eight-Way Hand Tied systems are found in only the very best quality furniture. Used only by top-end manufacturers and are built to last 2 lifetime. This system gives the furniture an even comfort level that will not bottom out. Sinuous spring and webbing systems are found in all cheap furniture that we call disposible. Sinuous wire, Flexalators™ and webbing systems suspensions can only move in one direction, up and down. Sinuous wire springs and drop in units for example can be installed in a few minutes. Eight Way hand tied systems can take hours to build. Because an 8 way tied system is done by hand it is considered to be more reliable. This chair is a big investment. Rest assured this loveseat will last a long time because we use the proper construction.

We build our frames using 100% Kiln-dried, double-doweled, corner blocked, 5/4” Maple frames for maximum durability. No plywood, no softwood and no particle board. Most manufacturers simply state that they use kiln dried hardwood which generally means hardwood plywood. 5/4 Maple is the gold standard in frame construction and we offer a lifetime warranty on our frames and springs.

These frames are hand built in North Carolina. Don’t be misled by those that tell you a plywood frame is as good as a hardwood frame. Manufactures like to use plywood frames as they are less costly to build. Plywood flexes and does not have the strength of a hardwood frame. Hardwood frames do not contain the glues and byproducts of a plywood frame. Each of our frames are hand built in North Carolina.